El-Mostafa Co. for Import and Export

About Us

El-Mostafa Co. for Import and Export is one of the leading Egyptian companies in the sale, distribution, installation and maintenance of light oil and natural gas burners that serve boilers and furnaces in the Arab Republic of Egypt since its establishment in 1996. It also exports these devices to neighboring countries such as Libya, Syria, Sudan and Saudi Arabia by providing a long-term strategy to provide comprehensive and increasingly integrated support to meet the demands of customers inside the country and export them abroad.

The company imports most of its products of burners and spare parts from Italy and Saudi Arabia, according to strict standards.

El-Mostafa Co. is characterized as a flexible and competitive company that is able to take care of its relationship with clients inside and outside the country and has a personal relationship with each client, always taking into account the requests and characteristics of each client inside and outside.

Our Mission

The company proudly serves many large and small Egyptian industries by supplying parts and spare parts for these devices and maintaining them on a regular basis.


The company is distinguished in the products and services it provides to the customer, as it meets all the needs for this purpose while preserving the protection of the environment.

Certified process quality

All sales and distribution processes are codified through quality assurance procedures in terms of design, purchasing, testing, sales and after-sales assistance, and the company is able to meet any type of market demand.